Christlandia finally comes to the Obsidian Portal. 

Christlandia is a post-apocalyptic world taking place centuries after a High Magical Technological society tore itself apart in The War that itself lasted centuries. It is a world of little joy, where every being is merely trying to survive. Large cities come and go, leaving ruins in their wake. Kingdoms and dynasties are almost unheard of; maybe they last a generation but internal or external strife always tear them apart. Small settlements tend to survive, however, as they tend to attract little attention. Although they just as easily get swallowed up in some disaster or another.

Things of note:

  • Magic is reviled and held to blame for the current state of the world. Any type of magic is generally persecuted against, making large-scale wizarding schools a rare commodity, although traditions still exist in some of the furthest reaches of the land. Despite this most magical artifacts are too useful to not be somewhat tolerated in the day to day living.
  • Religion is all but forgotten, as it is believed the Gods turned their backs on the world during the height of The War. The pious are looked upon as delusional fools, and those strong enough in belief to actually manifest any divine magic are tossed in the same category as their arcane counterparts.
  • Mining while similar to most worlds works a little different, rather than looking for veins of metal and the like. Instead, miners are looking for the remnants of cities and structures that have been long since buried after years of being built upon and torn down. Miners are almost synonymous with archeologists and tomb raiders.
  • Along with general knowledge of The War having existed, children grow with stories of the Kath D'mar, they are the veritable bogeymen that will snatch you up in the night or hide under your bed to swallow your soul if you should forget to brush your teeth
  • There are two moons in the sky, D'llya and F'llya along with a band of asteroids, known as The Trills


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