Boggle the Goblin Bog Witch


Goblin bog witch in the employ of the venerable herb witch Baba Yaga. Accompanied generally by a small Compsognathus named Compy and a Goblin Dog mount named Mange.


Once upon a time, in a small goblin village deep in the bog, Boggle was born. Whoever it was that spawned her didn’t seem to care much for her, but it is unclear if that was all that different than any of the goblins at The Clanks. The “children” and young goblin-dogs ran in feral packs in the area surrounding the torn hull that serves as shelter for a hodge-podge “village” of goblin raiders. Subsisting mainly on plundering road travelers and gnawing on old bones, the goblins are not exactly well-liked by the humans (or orcs) in this region of Chrislandia.
Perhaps luckily for her, Boggle’s childhood at The Clanks was short-lived. If you can call kidnapping lucky. Or Boggle a kid, but I think you know what I mean.
Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge, know what I mean? Right… anyway.
The kidnapper in question is known colloquially as Baba Yaga. Boggle was by no means her first victim, nor will she be the last. It is uncertain exactly how old the old Witch is these days, but she may as well have swum the great salt sea when it was considerably greater, or at least that is how she tells the story. It is also uncertain if this act of conscripting young sentient females into her herb witch coven ought to be called kidnapping. She sees it as recruitment, and also her duty and higher calling. That is not to say that there aren’t material benefits associated with these kidnappings, several witches can accomplish much more together than apart. And, well, accomplishing things can certainly be profitable if leveraged appropriately.
The appropriate leverage most recently has been sending Boggle out into the world (the “world” in this sense being Din’s Den) to peddle minor healings and herbal products. Being ever the enterprising young adult, Boggle has expanded her repertoire to including light mending, alchemy, and poisoning. Also un-poisoning as the case may be, as people don’t much like the idea of a Goblin with poison and this is in the end somewhat more profitable. True to her roots, Boggle has a bit of a thieve’s streak, but she recognizes that at Din’s this kind of behavior interferes with Baba Yaga’s business. And if there is one thing that everyone within Din’s walls agrees upon it is that business comes first.
Of course, outside the walls it is not outside the scope of possibility that a little bite from a wild and notorious little Compsognathus might really drive up the value of minor healing and Compy anti-venom… but of course Compsognathus aren’t exactly rare in this bog, and it is rather hard to get a good look when they are busy trying to bite your ankle and run off.


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