Corrupted Nixie


This small naked young-looking man has pale sickly skin. fading to necrotic black clawed hands and feet. His eyes are solid black, with a face framed by damp clinging silver hair.


In the years after The War Dismorphian and his Sister, Anexrapae, took it upon themselves to remake and heal the fractured world. As they began nurturing the flora and fauna of The Skaerin Bayou it soon became clear something had corrupted Dismorphian. Plants rather than flourishing at his touch soon began to wilt and die in his presence. He had become so obsessed with remaking the world to his perfect image that every detail became a laborious task. Never able to fully realize his ideal his very presence began to rot the world around him.

Upon realizing this, Anexrapae had no choice but to stop her brother. Unable to bring herself to killing him she tricked him into a prison of his own making and rather than healing the world as she desired became the warden of his prison.

During The Great Kobold Migration of 100BR the flamecrag clan of kobolds killed Anexrapae and freed Dismorphian from his cell. Instantly upon seeing what they had unleashed they to saught to slay him as well. However, centuries of being trapped had built up a surge of power within him and he was able to banish this foe from his presence.

While his immediate aggressors were sent beyond his domain, there remained behind a group of kobolds either too young or old to provide any real threat. Dismorphian quickly enslaved those that did not flee from him and became his servants in his new goal of corrupting the world.


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