half-orc hunter


Too tall and broad around the shoulders to be human, Snotra is a brawny but thin half-orc with skin the color of decomposing leaves and sandy brown hair. She dresses utilitarian – leather armor fit for jungle walking, knife, and belt, heavy shoes. She has a large reddish-brown tattoo across her flat orcish features.


Born to the loving tryst of an orc brave and a young human woman, Snortra’s early childhood was idyllic in comparison to most half-orcs. She was doted on by both mother and father who shared much of their differing cultures with their young daughter – introducing her to a fairy tale world of fantasy and wonder.

Unfortunately, she was destined to be orphaned not once, by her parents’ passings, but again when her extended family kicked her off of their farming compound and out into the jungle.

Snotra is a survivor. She has managed to secure herself multiple places of safety in the vastness and has been learning the ways of bartering to gain creature comforts rather than just living the abject minimum of life.

She is fond of sweets, weapons, and her t-rex Sjofn who was also an orphan.


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