The hunger grows and yet, does not grow.  The song of Tiamat calls from afar – I press the Flamecragers onwards towards the song.  It. Must. Mean. Something.  She would not draw us out of the mountain otherwise.


Still, the Jungle is vast and the lights (the Sun?) are blinding.  We endeavored to travel at night and sleep during the day, but even then, Hugo seemed to be unable to find a way through.  Thankfully we were found by lizardfolk who thought us children due to our diminutive size – I traded knowledge of She Who Must Not Be Named (as they too are scaley kind and should know her splendor) for future instructions through the jungle.  We also agreed to band together to fight our common enemy: the Pigmen who had captured me earlier.


I tried to convert the savages, but with little success.  They are indeed quite primitive and have off views about creation.  I was told that the world was created by the Old Red One who was obviously a Red Dragon and yet, the people knew nothing of the word dragon.   It was almost as absurd as Granny Sybil and her talk of "cats" when she means dragons.   I spent long hours discussing such things with Sys'estra, but she was not swayed to the quint-Dragon cause.  Perhaps she will be now that we are their champions.


The battle plan was well thought out – we sent the Red Shirts in to create a diversion which drew the Pigmen out of their village.  The Lizardfolk created an ambush and we snuck in from the side to rescue those of our tribe that remained captive.   I rallied the troupes with the Call to War and we headed in to join the lizardfolk, led by their "Big Boss", farther into town.


Only…he wasn't.  Instead, he ran in fear.  He tried to claim the victory that was ours, so I waited until he was passed out from partying and pillaged the dragon mound by the dead of night with Granny and Hugo by my side.  Unsurprisingly,  Sys'estera met us at the entrance of the mound – at least some recognized that the victory over the Pigmen leader belonged to Clan Flamecrag.


The trials within are for the initiated alone, so I will not speak of them now.   In the end, we found proof that the Old Red One was indeed a great red dragon and that I was a great general in The War.  We left with our spoils and even the Not so Great Leader had to admit that we were the great champions and that all kobolds are better than lizardfolk.  They will call us Children no more.


Hali4x Hali4x

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