Evil Carnivorous Fraggles

or Dolphins from Outerspace

This past season was an especially fertile one, unheard of numbers of eggs had been laid and of those, all of them hatched. This put unexpected pressure on the food stores along with an odd increase in the metabolic rates of some of the Flamecrag Clan. With the dumping of the Fourth bucket getting more food in time for the tribute became essential. 

Some of the Tribal leadership took a small contingent of Redscales and went on a search for food, and a bounty they found; A huge centipede along with its larvae and clutch of eggs. This should have been enough to keep them fed and still have something for the tribute in three buckets. However, the rising increase in appetite seems to be spreading throughout The Snarl, so once again the Leadership went out looking for food. Luckily for the Clan Skylooker's Stupid Rock vanished which is an auspicious omen to travel to the AboveBelow, a dangerous endeavor but if the Stupid Rock is to be believed a well worthy endeavor. 

Once there, a brief skirmish later the Kobolds now found themselves in possession of several crates of cheeses and barrels of beer, carried back in a cobbled-together wheel-barrow-like-sled. This seems to have been enough as the Seventh Bucket nears filling.



Hali4x Hali4x

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