Grannie's Journal, Part 4


September 2nd

Today has been a culinary experience. Syssie and the cousins treated us all to Golden Carp Caviar – Syssie assures us, a rare delicacy. It does not disappoint. Perfectly balanced, creamy, and sweet. I have always been a sweet tooth, you know. Oh, most of it rots your teeth to be sure, but that’s half the fun! And- speaking of sweets…
Chachi decided the perfect thing to go with our caviar would be skewered brownies, but I have to tell you, to begin with, that young man should never be allowed anywhere near a kitchen. The look and the texture was right, you know, a nice dark brown with a chewy mouth feel and just bit of crunch – but the flavor was all off- far too bitter! I don’t believe he added any sweetener what so ever. And rather tasteless besides. I suggested he might cook the next one a bit more, but it didn’t really help.

Well, we engaged on a quest to find Chachi the perfect ingredients for his skewered brownies, but I think the problem might be that the store we went to has rather questionable tastes in merchandise. For example, the cocoa was definitely off, but each package seemed to come with a little toy- like the prize in a cracker jack box. Tacky. Well, what can you do. A young man with a passion for baking must not be discouraged!    And besides which, I think the Pastor was quite enthused about collecting the prizes. They were apparently a set. Well, if we were going to be eating bad brownies, at least we had some good wholesome fun while we’re at it.


Let me say again- that young man is NEVER to be allowed any where near a kitchen again. Aside from concussing himself on a rogue brownie(don’t ask me how anyone concusses themselves with a brownie.. ) he also managed to – quite literally drown – a number of townsfolk and a local musician in the batter he’d been preparing for the next batch. Pastor had to go around collecting whizzing brownies and putting them away before anyone else hurt themselves.

I can’t say it was a shame about the musician- I know it’s not a very nice thing to say, but people were absolutely hypnotized by her, and frankly, she was trying to charge us an arm and a leg for the show. Anyway, we were able to collect all the cracker jack prizes and hand it off to the local general store manager, who- despite how excessively rude Kenny and Chachi were to him – still sent us on our way with free bus passes to Kansas. (Kansas. Hmph. I rather think it might have been punishment for the way Kenny kept poking the man with a stick).

I’m very sorry to say, a number of the townsfolk have had it with traveling, and have elected to stay with Syssie and the cousins. Unsurprisingly, my oldest friend Burble is one of them. I’m sorry to see her go, but it’s probably for the best. Burble hated travel.



Actual Notes;

Lizardfolk find golden carp eggs (delicacy). Everyone stuffs their faces. Chachi is swimming in the lagoon. Something small drops out of a tree on to Chachi and starts attacking him.

Grannie says, “Roland! Cannon ball!” and a (small) wave of water comes up and slams the creature off Chachi and ten ft on the ground away from Chachi. (Roland is a large, fat Sottish fold cat. Otherwise known as a black dragon…)

Chachi stabs the thing (and misses by a lot) “I’m not…eating…your eggs!”

It’s a small humanoid figure, milk chocolate color, male, instead of hair it has a white lotus flower on its head. It tastes bitter and terrible.

Chachi wanders off into the jungle… Leader goes, “wait, Cha…come back… meh.”

Chachi naturally gets attacked. Syssie confirms they’re called “brownies”. Grannie tries one. it’s bitter. Not like one would expect a brownie to taste like.

The brownies we fight all have coins on their backs…. One side of every coin has the rune for “water” on it. As you try to figure out what they do, they look like an incomplete sentence.

Kobold group (Pastor, Kenny and the Boys, Hugo and Thudthud, Chachi and Grannie) are hunting for brownies. They are hard to hit and like to run away.

The coins join into a solid piece when the puzzle is solved. When you hold it up to the specific waterfall, it glows.

There’s a cave behind the waterfall (grotto behind it). There’s a pool of water- suspended in the air with a slight rotation is a seed pod that looks like a sphere big enough to fit a kobold; looks like it’s made out of leaves.

Pastor walks up to it, there’s a fairy inside with white skin, black eyes (entirely, including the pupil) and black claws with blue veins all through it. The red shirts and Chachi immediately attack it while it’s still stretching/waking up. It attacks in response.

Grannie and Hugo shoo the young and elderly out of the cave. They attack the fairy again. The fairy gets made and says, “no, no! I wish you were all up out of here!” and we wind up on top of the cliff – if you look behind you, you see a huge swamp and a giant mountain/volcano, and straight down is a tiny grotto with 4% of our kobolds, trying to figure out what’s going on. We lost Burble in the fairy spell. In front of you, as far as the eye can see, is a gently rolling savanna. It’s the plains.


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