Hungry, hungry kobolds or:, Miners With No Talent

More hungry kobolds and now they talk about whispers.  The elders think that it might be ghosts – She Who Must Not Be Named did not help.   Bucket full, Salamanders come.  Say they need a lava tunnel cleared – Circa and I bring red shirts, Hokestra, and Cha with us because Skylooker said stupid wet rock and couldn't find Hugh and Thump-Thump.

Miners clear some.  Spider swarm.  Miners clear more – bad air.  Attacked by drow but one gets away and more come back later.   Kill all.  Some loot, nothing special.

More bad air with black stuff – head back to camp.  Buy sled and salamander Bash Bish to replace Thud-thud whose still MIA.  Skylooker says rock dry but still stupid.  

Head back, Cha sets big fire in black dust.  Find magic room with pillars and big magic swirly thing in the ceiling.  Too strong to see.  Attacked by runes who make monsters.  Find stuff but mostly importantly message from salamander gods.  Will learn to speak salamander tongue to figure out message.  There was also not-dead-thing who smelled bad and in stupid common tongue and wanted to steal our stuff.  Dead now.

Head back to snarl.  Should be much drow to feed the masses, but still very hungry.  Many strong kobolds gone now – only young and old remain.  Mysterious.


Hali4x Elminx

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