Is it Dangerous?

...In your Dreams


Hugo slams the tankard onto the table, causing a cheer to go up from the mix of lizardfolk and kobolds that gathered around. The fact that the contents of the drink ended up more on Hugo's frontside and the floor mattered not to the onlookers; they were either themselves in too deep a stupor to notice, or were lizardfolk deciding not to speak ill of one of their newest Champions.

Hugo lets out a cackle, then continues in a stammer, "That ties's up, next drank wins, cuss'n!"

Hugo's counterpart sitting across the table, a similarly boistress lizardfolk, tilts his head in a quizzical manner.  "Cuss'n?"

"Yes, cuss'n! It what Vyshkara called you Lizardfolk. 'Cuss'ns in War.' OH. WAIT!" With some assistance from the few in the hut, Hugo mounts the table. "Grannie found a statue in barrow! Nothing important, right? WRONG!" clamoured Hugo, swiping his fist in front of him with enough effort to almost make him lose his balance. "Next time Grannie take it out of bag, it now some small trinket. A "seal" I think they called it. CHANGED FORM!"

Hugo's drunken emoting of events finally forces him off the table and to his backside, bringing most of the crowd to an uproarious laughter. One of the lizardfolk pipes up, wearing a slightly worried expression. "Do you think it's safe to have such a relic outside the barrow?"

"Dangerous?", Hugo lets out with an air of derision as he stumbles back to his seat. "In your dreams!"


Hugo wakes up in the middle of a forest. He quickly remembers the battle where he had just fallen a few seconds earlier: most of the leaders of the tribe versus some quick, blueish, cloaked creature. Writhing in pain, he finds his rapier and looks to take a flanking position. Unfortunately, he finds ThudThud unexpectedly next to him, nuzzling the kobold's hand.

"ThudThud! Stop! Attack!" Hugo commands, but to a disobedient ThudThud. "Attack!" he yells again. With this, ThudThud jumps up on his hind legs to lick Hugo's face. "Down you LOUSY, FRESH-BREATHED…"

Hugo's jeering quickly ends as he sees a clawed arm drill into his abdomen. He falls to the wet grass, the view of the dimly lit trees fading away to entirely black, the sound of chaos dulling to a gentle whine. But this experience is unlike the other times he has fallen in battle; to his surprise, Hugo finds he is able to slowly open his eyes.

The small amount of ambient light in the Lizardfolk hut initially causes him problems, but once his eyes have adjusted, Hugo notices that he is back in Nys'esterra. He hears the sound of spawnling running gleefully, smells a fish stew in preparation, and feels the slimy licks of ThudThud at his face. An attempt to quickly sit up an chastise the salamander is interrupted by a sudden flash of pain in his abdomen, as if he had taken a major, piercing blow. But upon inspection, no damage could be seen.


Hugo tests the knot fastening ThudThud's lead to the pole. He applies some of the sticky substance offered to him by a local lizardfolk for ensuring the knot stays tied. ThudThud is standing still, looking generally in Hugo's direction.

"Don't look at me like that! Yes, I was having daymare! But that fixed! ALL Kobolds had daymares together because of DUMB SEAL! But Sys'esterra fix that! Seal in special container in throne! Won't hurt us now!"

ThudThud softly digs at the dirt with one of his front webbed toes.

"Sys'esterra says that vision showed us past, present or future. We didn't know swamp kobolds, so they MUST be in future. If true, we need be ready, which means SLEEP! NO WAKING!"

Hugo finishes applying the sticky substance, all the while thinking about the ramifications of the day dream. If swamp kobolds are ever met, should the groups join? Or would that only bring about the daymare's prophecy?

As Hugo contemplates the future, ThudThud does some contemplating of his own; specifically, as to whether the taste of the substance that had been spread onto the knot of his lead would match its great smell.


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