When is a dream not a dream?

When its the future.

When is a dream just a dream?  When is a dream a future that may or may not happen?  What IS the future and can we change it?  Was I a red dragon once?  How did the statue of a red dragon become a disk?  How did a disk become a dream?  When did life become so complicated?


That, at least, has answers.  When we left the snarl.  When we left the safety of the hot mountain and the buckets and the up above and down below.


There are no buckets here.  Or, rather, no significant buckets.  There may even be kobolds on this journey ahead of us who do not even know the ritual of the bucket…


And yet, they know the song.  They know the quest.  If the dream is to be believed anyway.


If the dream is to be believed, we will be hunted near and far for the item that Granny has in her possession.   If the dream shows the future – can the future be changed?  Can we stop these plainer beings by not going to the plains at all?  By killing kobolds from the plains?


Vyshkara sighs wearily and turns over once more.  Her scales itch and tonight at least she fears what sleep might bring.


Hali4x Hali4x

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