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  • Caravans Away!

    So you have seen the email and are at least somewhat interested in getting started. Well, then let's do this. Much of the information in this wiki may not be relevant to this campaign or to your character. Anything vital will be on the main page of …

  • kobolds

    The kobolds of [[Christlandia]] are much the same as those in other worlds with a few exceptions. 

    The connection between [[Dragon|Dragons]] and kobolds are more concrete, although this exact connection is hotly debated. Some kobolds …

  • Dragon

    During [[The War]] it is believed all dragons were killed off along with their leaders, known as the [[Dragon Captains]]. However, there are occasional stories that crop up from time to time about dragons and various myths and lore around them.

  • Red Jade Dragon

    The Red Jade Dragon is a Draconic Artifact from [[The War]], it was believed lost around the time that the [[Dragon Captains]] were wiped out. It is a statue carved from a solid piece of stone depicting a red dragon sitting on hits haunches.

  • Dragon Seals

    Five Royal seals carried by Major Field commanders of the [[Dragon Captains]]. One seal for each of the Chromatic types. The Seals invest the right to command into living hosts often given them visions of the past, present, or future.

    It is …

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