Nys'estera is a Lizard-folk village within  The Skaerin Bayou. The village resembles something of a large beaver's lodge covered with a series of mud and thatch huts. The town's layout is somewhat haphazard with the exception of the main thoroughfare which consists of a road leading from the water landings up hill to the Chieftain's huts with a perpendicular road leading down towards the Barrow. Nys'estera also seems to have a strange ability to drift throughout The Skaerin Bayou, it is unclear if this is at random due to the currents or if the lizard-folk somehow control this. 

The Chieftain's Hut is made of mud and thatch as the rest of the town but on a grander scale. The main room holds a large thrown seeming grown from a tree on a slightly raised deis in the center of the room. There are several drape covered doors off the main room leading to other rooms.

The Barrows holds a special religious significance to the Lizard-folk of Nys'estera. It is both a tomb and a trial for any Lizard-folk who wishes to become a High Chief. Every few generations a Chieftain enters the tomb seeking to become it's champion by retrieving the mantle of the previous High Chief, few ever return. When the occasional Chieftain does succeed they emerge carrying the Sacred Relics and with them the power to protect and potentially reconquer their ancestral territories. Upon the death of the High Chieftain the relics are returned to the Barrow along with their corpse to rest until another is fit to take it up again.

The Nys'esterians have long been at war with the other denizens of The Skaerin Bayou, and the Grenmarkk orcs in particular. A war they claim to have been fighting for all of time, ever since the Red One created the Mountain and the Lizard-folk. Since before The Skaerin Bayou, when all was water. Before the pig-faces came and killed the Red One, and the lizard folk slayed the pig-faces until their corpses made the land. 

This is a  war that they have been slowly losing over the millennia due mostly to numbers. Despite their many advantages over the orcs, their slow reproduction rate has dwindled their power; especially in the face of the overwhelming reproduction and growth rate of the orcs.

This all changed around 100 BR when the Flamecrag Clan of Kobolds began their Great Migration. The Grenmarkk Orcs having captured many of the early kobolds to leave their snarl, angered the Flamecrag's who teamed up with the Nys'esterians and launched a three pronged assault on Grenmarkk, burning it to the ground, rescuing the kobolds, slaying many of the orcs within, and scattering those that survived.

While Big Boss was hailed hero of the Battle of Grenmarkk for slaying their chief and making a cup of his skull, His glory would not last. Three kobolds, aided by Sys'estera entered the Barrow and over coming it's traps, solving the Riddle of Fire, and defeating the guardians. Ultimately retrieving the Holy Artifacts within and naming them High Chieftains of the Village.

After the events of the Battle of Grenmarkk, the Lizard-folk of Nys'estera helped the Kobolds navigate to the northern edge of the Skaerin Bayou to the base of a vast waterfall. There the Heroes of the battle seemed to have just vanished leaving behind many of their kith. Those that did not wander off to follow the call ended up staying with their caley cousins and helping them reclaim their ancestral home.

Characters of Note:

Turalisj Sutrinus (Big Boss) – Chieftain of the village. A larger than average male Lizard-folk, he is overly ambitious and formidable in battle. His driving goal is to reclaim all of Skaerin Bayou.

Sys'estera – Shaman of tribe, she is clever and slightly wary of Big Boss'  ambitions and what that might mean for the long-term survival of the tribe. While Big Boss rules through might, she tries to listen to the spirits and ancestors to guide their tribe.


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