Red Jade Dragon

The Red Jade Dragon is a Draconic Artifact from The War, it was believed lost around the time that the Dragon Captains were wiped out. It is a statue carved from a solid piece of stone depicting a red dragon sitting on hits haunches.

It was later found by the Lizard-folk of Nys'estera and along with two other magic items made up a trinity of items they referred to as The Mantle. Whichever lizard-folk possessed all three was given absolute authority over the tribe. 

Along with the powers of the artifact itself the statue can communicate with those it deems worthy often showing the final moments of it's last worthy owner. When a trio of kobolds from the Flamecrag Clan found the statue it showed them a flash of visions from depicting the demise of it's previous draconic owner from millenium before.


…looking down on the face of a Salamander as it speaks..

"Master the facility has been comprimised, spies have been spotted escaping the mountain in a ship."

VOICE…your own, but with a deeper resonance…

"I will deal with this."

… fades to standing on the upper deck of a golden ship looking down upon a crew of lizard-folk and kobolds. The crew scurries to man equipment and weapons as the ships speeds towards a distant ship…

VOICE…the same one as before

"Faster, we can not allow them to leave the anchorage."

…Fades to chaotic scene, as golden ship rams into the broadside fo the fleeing vessel, and boarding parties begin their attack. Then suddenly swarms of Orcs begin teleporting in led by silver-white skinned Elvish beings with black tattoos. Fire and lightning begin flashing all accross the sky…

VOICE…now as familiar as your own skin…

"It's a Trap!"

…sinking down into the water, debris and bodies clutter the sinking depths, as flashed continue to light up the dwindling light of the surface. Your own feet come into view as the blackness creeps in, as they flicker and morph into large red clawed feet followed by a long serpentine tail…

Red Jade Dragon

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