The Book of Reardon

Below are some of the passages from the Book of Reardon, the holy book of words for The Watchdogs. It is  collection of teaching from Reardon and The Student passed down from the time of The War.

Reardon 1

I have Seen the truth…

Reardon 1,271

“I followed the pedophiles back to their homes. They will trouble this town no more, nor will any of their ilk while I am here.”

Student 1,789

thought surely the old man was wise, but if he is willing to destroy a whole town to kill one man, then knowledge and wisdom are far from the same. I must stop him.’

Chronicles 1:24

And Reardon looked upon the world and saw the destruction wrought by war. In flames and smoke he saw all would be lost.

And so he turned away from the smoke, and so to, turned away from fire.

And so he turned away from magic, and so to, turned away from the gods.

And so the gods turned away from man.

The distant, uncaring lord of all magic turned his eye.

The fickle but kind creator and protector and preserver of life waned from man.

The just dweller on the horizon barred his roads.

He who never sleeps the cruel zealous one-eye fell to slumber.

The gavel, and cudgel of retribution fell silent exacting no more punishment.

The laughing rogue put down his glass, silenced his pipes and put away his masks.

The stern lady, the ruby sorceress ceased her guard on death.

The shining one, the adversary of evil snuffed his own light.

The reaper hater of life, bringer of darkness, king of all gloom decayed to dust.

and so on and so forth for many more gods and goddesses…

And thus Calamity was avoided.

The Book of Reardon

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