The Rose

Many are still unsure if The Rose is the place , the being inside, or both. Either way it's located in the dead center of The Crosses where all the roads should meet, except they have crumbled and all but disappear within a few yards of the structure. The building is two stories tall and is somewhere between a dome and a sphere, with long cylindrical tubes jutting out the top at impossible angles.  It's said that any traveler that are looking for answers can go see The Rose, keeping in mind tree things; you must go alone; bring no weapons; and a price will be asked.

When one approaches The Rose as they get with 30 feet a doorway appears directly ahead of them regardless of what direction they are coming from. Once inside the doorway they are greeted by a burly half-giant, presumably to ensure that the first two rules have been followed.

Once past the giant, one finds themselves on a circle catwalk around a vast chamber. Above is what appears to be some sort of gear driven model of various spheres and disks rotating and orbiting each other. At the four cardinal directions are stairs down to a central circular platform with a pool of shimmering liquid. 

When one approaches the pool a robed figure seems to appear from behind and walks past and peers down into the pool. This figures robes are either a dirty dusty white or a heavily faded black, but certainly not gray. When greeted the robed figure will ask for a specific payment, a payment unique to everyone, and then answer an unspoken question by directed the visitors gaze into the pool. After which one finds themselves outside The Rose about 30 feet away, and if they approach again no door ever appears.

The Rose

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