The Watchdogs

The Watchdogs teach that during The War there was a man, a law officer named Reardon, who saw the damage that magic was doing to the world, and rallied against it. Standing up against the mage guilds, he brought a one-man war of his own against them. Reardon was eventually captured and executed, burned alive publicly by the mages, but he inspired others.

His writings also survived and a young student found his journal years later in an archive and heeded the words. The Student worked within the system to bring down and punish the mages for their misuse of power. The when the Student was an old man he passed the Journal on to others, and thus the Journal of Reardon became the basis of the Watchdogs. The Student and later disciples added their own Journals and continued Reardon’s teachings. The collection of which has been collected into a single text known as The Book of Reardon.

Today the Watchdogs teach that mankind must rebuild the world without magic. They teach that power corrupts, especially those with magic. The Watchdogs have a mandate from Reardon to police the world for magical and supernatural threats. Most city-states do not acknowledge a Watchdog’s jurisdiction, but a handful do.

Some people will respect a Watchdog and are grateful for what they do, but generally do not express their gratitude publicly. Some people think any Watchdog is a fool for believing in higher power or purpose. Some think of a Watchdog as a bully and a tyrant and spit at him behind his backs and call him “Mutt” or“Cur.”

The Watchdogs revere Reardon, not as a god, but as a man. He is a role model, and some might say a prophet. Watchdogs worship no gods, seeing them as having failed in their duty to protect the world.

Teachings: While The Watchdogs teachings come from the Journals of Reardon, The Student, and their predecessors, most Watchdogs get their beliefs from a more abridged version known as The Book of Reardon. The Journal of Reardon is said to have entries for 3 thousand days, while the Journal of the Student is said to have 30 thousand days Prayers and sermons are often of the form “On Day 1, Reardon said: ‘I have seen the Truth…’” or “On Day 1,789, The Student said: ‘I thought surely the old man was wise, but if he is willing to destroy a whole town to kill one man, then knowledge and wisdom are far from the same. I must stop him.’” The Book or Reardon has a collection of many of these passages as well as some from the later teachings.

Favored Weapon: Repeating Crossbow

Religious Relics: The Journal of Reardon, Reardon’s Badge, Reardon’s Crossbow, The Student’s Staff.

Holy Symbol: The Holy symbol used by the Watchdogs is an old police badge in the shape of a bulldog’s head. The badges each have a number, and each badge number usually has a long and fabled history of being used by previous Watchdogs.

Classes: Watchdogs come from all walks of life and therefor a Watchdog can be any class, with the exception of trained arcane spell casters.

Races: The Teachings of Reardon appeal to all races as all have been affected by the ravages The War left upon the world.

The Watchdogs

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