Flamecrag Clan

The Flamecrag kobolds live beneath the mountain Ixen'akuech, this mountain also happens to be a dormant volcano. This clan's snarl is located amid a handful of small caverns complete with hot springs and is also about a day's journey through ancient lava tubes to the surface.

Ixen'akuech is also home to the Akuechen, whom these kobold's lore says served the dragons directly in the The Time of Dragons, a fact they use to demand the kobolds service, as they consider themselves higher beings. A fact they don't miss an opportunity to remind of' through both threat and actual violence. Although they don't tend to ask too much of the kobolds other than a tribute of meat every seven buckets. The event of a quota not being met usually results in severe beatings, deaths, and/or the taking of eggs to make up for the food shortages.

The Akuechen are not completely unbenign, they on occasion bring goods made of metal, armor, weapons, etc in exchange for additional tributes of precious metals and gems. While these goods aren't of the best quality they are very well made. In fact, the Akuechen themselves wear only the finest-crafted metal arms and armor imaginable.

Ixen'akuech contains within itself a vast network of ruins, lore says that in the time of Dragons the Akuechen lived within these ruins, but they have since retreated deep with the earth as the magics have drained from the once-mighty structures. Today the Akuechen hold these ruins in great esteem and forbid the kobolds from entering them, except for every generation or two. At these times select kobolds are granted the honor of ascending to live in the upper chambers as servants to Ixen'akuech

Unlike some kobold tribes, the Flamecrag Clan consists of almost all the various scale colors of their ken. This variety of scales has led to the development of a sort of cast system with the clan. Kobolds of a given color are given specific roles and tasks specific to their cast. although this system is sometimes skirted in times of need or through specific cases of exceptionalism.

Among the more common Chromatic types, the more common Redscales tend to be the fighters and front line fodder for the clan. Bluescales, are the Hunters and trappers, while Greenscales are the tenders of both flora and fauna. The scarcer Blackscales pride themselves on venerating the dead and those that came before. Whitescales are the extremes, all ration or emotion, the singers and talkers or the ragers and the berserkers. 

Among the Less common Metallic types you find perhaps the rarest of them all. The Silverscales hatch maybe once a generation or so and tend to be venerated and dismissed almost simultaneously.

Aside from casts perhaps the greatest honor and role with the Flamecrag Snarl is the Bucket Watcher. This kobold is responsible for watching and emptying the bucket to track the cycles between tributes to the Masters. Every seventh bucket dump the Bucket Watcher drops a pebble down a shoot to call up the Akuechen fro their tribute. At which time the offering is taken and orders if any are given. 

Flamecrag Clan

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